X-15: The Edge of Space

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A 3-DVD set like no other, packed with unique material on the X-15, with stunning commentary from participants in the program.


The X-15 (NASA HQ-28) - Documentary produced surrounding the first flights of the X-15. (26:37)

Pathway to the Stars - NASA documentary on flight test of the X-15. (20:00)

Bill Dana Presentation - Overall summary in 1988 of the X-15. (42:34)

Aeronautics and Space Report - Recap of X-15 program in 1980 with Joe Engle. (4:30)

Research Project X-15 (NASA HQ-79) - NASA documentary from around the time of the 120th flight as a summary of the X-15 project to date. (27:30)

NAA Annual Report - 1960 North American Aviation annual report - detailing the progress to date of the X-15 program. (17:11)

Windtunnel Testing - Footage featuring windtunnel testing and testing at the free flight facility during development of the X-15. (25:08)

Pilots - Footage from a photo op featuring the first X-15 pilots. (6:35)

XLR11 - Static testing of the XLR11 engine(s). (12:22)

XLR99 - Static testing of the XLR99 engine. (4:57)

Windblast Testing - Rocket sled testing of the effects of windblast on the pressure suit.

Crossfield Simulator - Scott Crossfield operating the X-15 simulator.

Rollout - Footage from the original X-15 rollout.

A2 Rollout - Footage from the rollout of the X-15A-2.

Pressure Suit - Demonstration of suiting up in the MC-2 pressure suit.


Flight Test Program - Contains footage from approximately 40 of the 199 test flights of the X-15. Footage varies per flight, but can include from the following: prep, takeoff, onboard exterior, onboard interior, pilot observation, landing, post-flight activities.

Partial listing of flights:

First Captive, 1-1-5, 1-10-19, 1-17-30, 1-18-31, 1-20-35, 1-22-37, 1-24-40, 1-25-44, 1-27-48, 1-74-130, 1-A-3, 2-1-3, 2-13-26, 2-14-34, 2-17-33, 2-18-34, 2-19-35, 2-20-36, 2-21-37, 2-27-47, 2-28-48, 2-51-92, 3-3-7, 3-4-8, 3-63-94 plus additional flights.


Ablator Flights - Preparation of the X-15A-2 and application of the Martin ablator, rollout, captive and two flights of the white X-15, including the 6.7 mach X-15 flight, with footage of the damage after the flights. (1:20:00)

Flight #74 - Footage surrounding flight 2-31-52, the crash on 11/9/62 which seriously damaged the aircraft and injured the pilot. Includes onboard exterior, pilot observation and cockpit panel footage. (33:23)

Flight #191 - Footage surrounding flight 3-65-97, the crash of 11/15/67 which killed Michael Adams and destroyed aircraft #3. Includes cockpit panel and onboard exterior footage. and reconstruction of forces film on X-15 model.

X-15 30th Anniversary NASA Presentation - Activities surrounding the 30th anniversary of the X-15, presented by NASA. (1:35:00)

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The start of maned space flight!
Jason Meek (Chandler, AZ) 10/20/2009 8:10 PM
I bought this DVD set because even though I know much about the moon programs and current shuttle missions, I was ignorant to the significance of the 3 X-15 planes. What I found was a surprisingly heartfelt group of documentaries and interviews detailing the importance of this plane. The information we got from the X-15 is the very reason we have a shuttle program today! This is an amazing set that I wholeheartedly recommend.