Space Shuttle: First Flights (Pre-Order)

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Space Shuttle: First Flights
This 6 DVD collection of rare material takes a detailed look at the development of the Space Shuttle, including an in-depth examination at proposals for reusable spacecraft prior to the final decision on the shuttle configuration. From the ideas of Sanger for a antipodal bomber, to the shuttle concepts of von Braun in the early 1950's, to Dynasoar, lifting bodies and select contractor proposals, the development of man's dream of a routine, reusable spacecraft is seen as never before. Many of the proposals finally fly through HD computer generated animation. Continuing with an in-depth look at the development challenges, including pacing items such as thermal protection and the space shuttle main engine, and rare looks at plans such as the Skylab rescue and ideas for safety in Earth orbit, this robust collection includes complete material on the approach and landing tests and the first four orbital test flights. The disc breakout is as follows: Disc 1: Main Program and Development of the Space Transportation System. Disc 2: Approach and Landing Tests. Disc 3: STS-1. Disc 4: STS-2. Disc 5: STS-3. Disc 6: STS-4. Note that these individual mission discs are more extensive than those found in our STS-1 TO STS-41B set, containing more footage of the preparation of the mission.

The centerpiece of the set is a 2 hour documentary on the development of the program, produced in HD*. Below are some stills from the ongoing production of this set, showing a couple of test stills from the new HD transfers of footage as well as some glimpses from reconstructed proposals (Note that all stills are 600 pixels wide vs. 1980 in their normal resolution.)

Dynasoar on the pad before an orbital launch

Dynasoar transtage separates from its Titan IIIC booster

Enterprise transferred to VAB

North American Phase A Orbiter proposal opens payload bay doors
Von Braun Shuttle at orbital sunrise
*This documentary will be made available separately in an HD format, and will be presented on the 6 DVD set in widescreen. Note that we will not be releasing the 6 DVD set completely in an HD format, as this is not practical at the present time.

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