Man In Space: U.S. Air Force Manned Space Projects

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Man In Space features rare material we've run across over the last few years - material surrounding the Air Force manned space projects, including the X-20 Dyna-soar, Gemini B and the Manned Orbiting Laboratory. In addition to period documentaries and rare footage, you'll also find material surrounding other Air Force projects such as Manhigh and Excelsior. Approximately 2 hours of material. (Contents subject to change)

The Air Force In Space

Man and Space - Early 1960s Air Force documentary on the upcoming adventures into space, including the aeromedical challenges man would face. (21:00)

Project Manhigh - Footage from the Manhigh baloon/gondola project to high altitudes

Project Excelsior - Footage from the high altitude jump project

The X-20 Dyna-Soar

The Story of Dyna-Soar - Air Force documentary telling the story of the X-20.

Dynamic-Soaring - Rare early footage of Dyna-Soar work, including large scale mockups, materials testing and more. (17:31)

Cockpit familiarization - Astronauts, including Gus Grissom, check out the mockup of the X-20 cockpit.

Las Vegas - Unveiling of the X-20 mockup at the Air Force Association convention in Las Vegas. From a stunning new transfer from a 35mm master. (10:50)

Gemini B and the MOL

Manrating the Gemini Booster: The Second Step - 1967 Air Force film report on the manrating efforts with the Titan booster (to be used in the Titan IIIC for the MOL). (18:45)

Zero-G - KC-135 testing to examine the ability for astronauts to transit the MOL/Gemini tunnel (back through the Gemini heat shield). (15:52)

Gemini B Mockup - Short footage of a full scale mockup of the Gemini B spacecraft. (5:04)

Almost a Mission - Preparation, launch, and recovery of the Gemini B spacecraft (formerly GT-2) for a heat shield test and Titan IIIC configuration check. (30:00)

Product Reviews

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Interesting rare footage
Jason Livingston (Mesa, AZ) 7/28/2013 2:00 PM
This budjet priced DVD packs in rare footage and documentaries of a few Air Force projects that were never to be. Plus some some footage of high flying balloon jumps. Dyna-soar and MOL are interesting because they never flew but if they did, there would have been a manned winged spacecraft over 10 years before STS 1 and a space station before Skylab. As a kid I saw Gemini B at the Air Force Museum many times and it didnt look possible that they could have even used that heatshield hatch. Here we get a glimpse of training to do just that. How do you fit through a hatch behind you, in a space suit, and not bump any switches in the process? True, not as fascinating at watching rockets launch but the footage is at least here instead of being forgotten somewhere. A few Air Force documentaries are included and they show the sign of the times which is always entertaining for those who were around or just wanted to be around during that time. This one isn't for everybody but at the price, it's a really good deal to see some rare footage you will never see anywhere else.
Charles (USA) 10/16/2011 8:48 PM
I was really amazed at the material on this DVD. 90% of it was new to me, and gave me a much needed insight into the USAIRFORCE'S push to put this program into reality. Really awesome!!
Warren Mitlyng (Apple Valley, MN) 7/6/2011 6:08 PM
Great videos, if you like the early days of the space race, you will ENJOY this dvd.
Albert Lozano (Shavertown, PA) 3/31/2010 9:07 PM
Very good collection of films from projects I was not aware of. Totally recommended.