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This 2 DVD exclusive special edition features the "Live From The Moon: The Story of Apollo Television" program, in widescreen format, as well as extended bonus features only available from this Spacecraft Films exclusive. Featuring extended interview material not contained in the show from Chris Kraft, Alan Bean, Jack King, as well as footage from the Honeysuckle Creek Tracking Site and Parkes Observatory.

Note that this product is also available in HD on Blu-ray disc.

Alan Bean - Describes what happened to the Apollo 12 television camera using the actual checklist he used on the lunar surface.

Chris Kraft - Director of Operations for Apollo, Kraft was a strong advocate for television on the moon.
Tom Stafford - As Apollo 10 Commander, Stafford pushed hard for color television - to show the world how beautiful it was in space...
Dr. Joe Allen - As CAPCOM on Apollo 15, Allen worked closely with the first mobile TV on the lunar surface.
Jack King - The voice of Apollo/Saturn launch control, King brings unique insights to the telecasts of Saturn launches.
Stan Lebar - Led the team at Westinghouse that developed the camera that brought Armstrong's first steps to the world.
John Lowry - His little company, "Image Transform," cleaned up the television on Apollo 16 and 17 in real time.
Parkes Observatory - Much of the first moonwalk was received through the big Parkes dish.
Honeysuckle Creek Antenna - Now at the Tidbinbilla tracking station, this dish received Armstrong's first steps for transmission to the world.
7.5 Million Pounds of Thrust - The muscle of Apollo, roaring off the pad in glorious HD.
Lunar Liftoff - The Lunar Rover camera brought the opportunity to watch travellers depart the lunar surface.
Trans Lunar Injection - Spectacular HD CGI brings visualisations of undocumented mission segments to life.

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A real masterpiece
Steven Jochums (Fox Lake, IL) 9/24/2013 8:16 PM
Spacecraft Films has provided many outstanding minutes of great film and video, interviews and research in prior productions, but none of them bring home the same sense of accomplishment, the sense of wonder and undiluted pride in achievement as this film does. The men and women who worked to create the cameras and systems and the crews who fought to see them fly are all well represented here. The film is an absolute masterpiece of historically significance. Bravo to Mark Gray and Spacecraft Films!!