Apollo 12: Ocean of Storms

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Intrepid Checkout - Flight hardware checkout of LM-6 Intrepid, including the MESA and SEQ bay.

Altitude Chamber - Prime and backup crew runs in the altitude chamber with the CM and the LM.

Spacecraft Mate - Mating of the CSM with the SLA and move to the VAB, along with the mating of the spacecraft to the launch vehicle.

Rollout & Padwork - Rollout of the launch vehicle to pad 39a, as well as work at the pad leading up to launch.


Simulator - Crew outside and inside the CM simulator.

Landing Practice - Al Bean at Langley during lunar landing practice, 7-29-69.

T-38s - Corvettes and T-38s. Oh, and the crew also.

EVA Training - Conrad and Bean training for their two planned EVAs.

CDDT - Activity of the crew surrounding the countdown demonstration test, including suitup and a photo op.


Launch Day - Breakfast, suitup, transfer to the pad and ingress.

Launch - Multi-angle launch newly transferred digitally from original pad camera film, beautiful material, as much of the original is 35mm film.

LCC/Pad Damage - Activity in the launch control center prior to launch, and a survey of pad damage shortly after launch.


Transposition and Docking - Multi-angle view of the transposition and docking maneuver, including S-IVB tracking after extraction. Angle 1 is television transmission. Angle 2 is the 16mm sequence camera footage, Angle 3 is a composite of both.

Mission Control - Activity throughout the mission from the mission operations control room. Audio from a pre-flight interview with prime flight director Gerry Griffin. Also contains audio from air to ground during TLI burn.

Hybrid Maneuver - Television transmission conducted of preparations for and during the hybrid trajectory burn. Audio from air to ground transmissions.



Intravehicular Transfer - Television transmission during translunar coast containing descriptions of lunar gear inside the LM. Audio from air to ground transmission.

Lunar Surface Observation - Television transmission of initial views of the lunar surface. Audio from air to ground transmission.

Undocking - Multi-angle views of the undocking and stationkeeping of Intrepid before descent. Angle 1 features television transmission. Angle 2 shows 16mm sequence camera footage.

Lunar Landing - 16mm sequence camera footage of the descent and landing of Intrepid on the Ocean of Storms. Audio from air to ground transmissions.

EVA 1 - Including the television transmissions, film, and 70mm hasselblad images. After the television is lost, the EVA continues through the use of film, 70mm hasselblad images, map of the crew's activites, checklists, and EVA training footage.

A Small One For Neil...

No More Television


Closing Up

EVA 2 - Part 1 - Reconstructed EVA 2 using images, map, checklists, and EVA training footage.

Back Outside

Head Crater


EVA 2 - Part 2 - Reconstructed remainder of Apollo 12's second EVA, using images, map, checklists, and EVA training footage.

Sharp Crater

Halo Crater

Surveyor III

We Came in Peace... Again.


Ascent - Television transmission and 16mm sequence camera footage of the approach and docking of the LM. Also includes audio from the lunar liftoff (No TV or film footage recorded the lunar liftoff on Apollo 12).

Onboard XII - Onboard 16mm sequence camera footage. Audio from post-flight interview with crew.

Post TEI - Television transmission after trans-Earth injection showing the moon receeding. Audio from air to ground transmissions.

Inflight Press Conference - Crew answers questions during the trans-Earth coast. Final television transmission day before splashdown. Audio from air to ground transmissions.

Recovery - Footage of splashdown and recovery through offloading of the quarantine facility from the U.S.S. Hornet. Includes onboard voice recorder of the crew during entry (to just before splashdown).

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Apollo 12
(Unknown) 4/27/2009 2:20 PM
I'm tempted to say that this is Spacecraft Films' best set. Since the televsion camera failed, there's virtually no footage of Conrad and Bean on the lunar surface. But through the use of checklists, photos, maps, and training footage, this sets fills the gap so beautifully that it's easy to forget that there's no TV. In fact, I wish the photos, maps, and checklists were available as alternate angles on the other sets! A super, super job.
Bob (Unknown) 1/27/2008 8:10 PM
The name of this set should be called "Apollo 12-Pete Conrad Has a Fun Trip to the Moon." I don't think any astronaut enjoyed his flight to the moon as much as he did. Conrad is almost like a child on Christmas Day, and Bean and Gordon have a pretty good time too. Can't wait until the Skylab set is out to see how much fun Pete had there. Since the TV camera was damaged early on the first lunar EVA, they have done a pretty good job tieing in DAC, training films, and still photography with the audio from the EVAs.