Apollo 11: To The Moon

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4-DVD collection featuring the complete air to ground transmissions from the Apollo 11 mission, in a unique, linear presentation. How does this differ from the previous Apollo 11: Men on the Moon set? This set was inspired by work we did on our Mercury set, where we provided the entire John Glenn flight audio, using graphics. The set is also similar to our reconstruction of the Apollo 12 EVA 2. The set starts at 2:40 prior to launch and extends through the helicopter landing the astronauts on the carrier deck. The set is a linear timeline. If you start it at the beginning, you can go through the ENTIRE mission, including the air to ground audio and the ONBOARD audio, as it happened. For visuals, if a television transmission is occurring, it is presented as part of the timeline. If 16mm motion picture film is being presented, it is presented as part of the timeline. If a photo is taken, it is presented, as nearly as we can determine, as part of the timeline. Every piece of TV that is known to exist (there is a small part of the equipment jettison on the Moon that is not known to exist), every photo taken both in flight and on the Moon, and all of the 16mm film is presented, as it happened. When visuals are not available, graphics are presented detailing what the astronauts are doing (and explaining procedures, etc.) In some cases CGI is used to describe some flight phases. This set is the most complete, unique view of the Apollo 11 flight ever assembled, and is constructed of video and slideshows (in order to make it possible to fit it on 4 DVDs). As a result, it was in production for nearly 5 years, creating the graphics, noting and describing the procedures and placing the photos and footage. The end result is an understanding of the Apollo 11 mission, and reliving the entire experience. NOTE: In order to make additional use of screen area, this set is presented in 16:9 format. This allowed us to continue commentary even during a television transmission or other content, and gave us greater area to present material.

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