1967 NASA Aeronautics and Space Reports

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NASA's Aeronautics and Space Reports for 1967 features 13 monthly reports (#25 through #37) that cover a wide variety of topics. Each of the reports is around 4 1/2 minutes long, with a longer recap in the December report filling each disc with approximately one hour of rare material. In 1967 a longer report was produced in October for Langley's 50th Anniversary and a special report was produced on the first flight of the Saturn V, Apollo 4. These reports are from new transfers of the production intermediates.

January (#25) - Communication satellites, lifting bodies

February (#26) - Precision - making the LM ascent stage propellant tanks, blind landing tests

March (#27) - Communication satellites for TV and other uses

April (#28) - Lunar Orbiter, precision casting of models for wind tunnels

May (#29) - Mariner to Venus, San Marco launch, six years of manned flight

June (#30) - Surveyor III, Underwater training, Paris Air Show '67

July (#31) - Lunar rocket belt, jet noise reduction, jungle survival training

August (#32) - Orbital workshop (wet), King of Thailand at Goddard, Science satellites

September (#33) - Lunar Orbiter, First Saturn V flight vehicle rollout

October (#34) - 50th Anniversary of Langley (NACA/NASA)

Special Report (#35) - First Saturn V Flight (Apollo 4)

November (#36) - Mariner to Venus, Orbiting Solar Observatory

December (#37) - Summary of the year's events

The NASA Aeronautics and Space Reports will be released on yearly DVDs at the rate of approximately one per month.

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