1966 NASA Aeronautics and Space Reports

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NASA's Aeronautics and Space Reports for 1966 features 12 monthly reports (#13 through #24) that cover a wide variety of topics. Each of the reports is around 4 1/2 minutes long, with a longer recap in the December report filling each disc with approximately one hour of rare material. These reports are from new transfers of the production intermediates.

January (#13) - Gemini 8 next manned mission, telescope in space, LC 39 construction

February (#14) - Astronaut safety, Pioneer Sun Orbiter

March (#15) - Space weather eyes (Tiros & Nimbus), Apollo/Saturn 1B, Bioastronautics (astronauts and Daytona drivers)

April (#16) - Gemini 9 next manned mission, hydroplaning research, OGO (orbiting geophysical observatory)

May (#17) - V/STOL, Sun satellite (orbiting solar observatory)

June (#18) - Surveyor 1, Lunar Orbiter, Gemini 10 next manned mission, Saturn V (500F)

July (#19) - PAGEOS (Earth mapping satellite), Rehearsal for manned flight (simulations)

August (#20) - Gemini 11 next manned mission, lifting bodies, space craftsmen

September (#21) - Lunar orbiter, Pioneer solar satellite, Saturn/Apollo

October (#22) - Gemini 12 next manned mission, Solar eclipse studies

November (#23) - Apollo next manned mission (Apollo 1), Zero-g facility (Lewis), Biosatellite

December (#24) - Summary of the year's events

The NASA Aeronautics and Space Reports will be released on yearly DVDs at the rate of approximately one per month.

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